Marburg, Germany – 10th / 11th May 2019

Picture Of Marburg

After our successful joint EACMFS / ESTMJS event in Munich 2018, it is now my great pleasure to invite all ESTMJS and ASTMJS members to participate in the Annual ESTMJS meeting 2019, which will be held at Marburg, Germany, from 10-11th May 2019.

In contrast to our 2018 open meeting, the ESTMJS 2019 Annual Meeting in Marburg, Hesse, Germany will be a two day meeting.  The members‘ meeting on Friday and the following sessions are deliberatly designed to be closed shop, therefore, access will be strictly limited to both ESTMJS and ASTMJS members together with candidates for ESTMJS membership only.

One main topic of the closed ESTMJS scientific sessions on 10-11th May 2019 will be “recurrent condylar dislocation”, for which we aim to establish an evidence based consensus and recommendations among European ESTMJS members.  Only at first glance appearing to be an “easy topic”, e.g. longstanding recurrent dislocation may hold a lot of pitfalls and become a source of frustration.   Another special focus will be “dos and dont‘s” in fractures which directly affect the TMJ.  This long standing and highly controversially debated topic was decided to deepen the discussions initiated during our IBRA/ESTMJS consensus conference in Munich.  Being able to restore ad integrum but also presenting as a potential cause of major adverse sequels, especially the intermediate to long term results of our treatments, either surgical or non-surgical, need be re-evaluated also within the scope of the recent popular renaissance of the TMJ prosthesis.  Last but not least, all members are called upon to contribute with own difficult cases and personal communications.

The venue for the ESTMJS Annual Meeting 2019 will be a recently built lecture room complex at Marburg University Hospital/Lahnberge, which is home of the Medical Faculty of Philipps University Marburg.  Philipps University itself looks back to a long tradition and was founded in 1527, being the eighth among those German universities continuously active till today.  In addition, Marburg, which used to be number one place of pilgrimage in German medieval ages thanks to St. Elizabeth, thus nowadys is proud to host the oldest protestant university with continued teaching acitivity worldwide.

The meeting venue University Hospital Lahnberge is located on a hilltop overlooking the historical town of Marburg and can either be reached via the city bus system or preferably via taxi (i.e. 10 minutes drive from the city center).  Marburg, is essentially a university town with almost as much as one third of the inhabitants being students, offers various hotels located near the city center.

If you wish to register your interest in attending the Annual Conference and for further details, please contact Paula Bradley

Marburg can be reached by commuter train via Frankfurt central railway station in around 1 – 1.5 hours, Frankfurt central station has direct suburban railway commuter connections with Frankfurt International Airport.  From Frankfurt to Marburg via train will require around 2 hours.  Alternatively, there are airport transfers available, which will bring you to Marburg via autobahn which will take approximately 1 hour.  We will be happy to assist you with organizing your journey, e.g. to arrange for groups to go to Marburg, which is approximatively 100 km from Frankfurt airport.  The weather during May is usually very good in an area which allows for relaxation and strolling in the historical part of the city, which counts among one of the touristic highlights of Hesse, Germany with many historical spots and a cosy historical old town.  The organizing team and myself are looking forward to meeting with you in Marburg in 2019.

Andreas Neff

President ESTMJS 2017/19

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