ESTMJS Past Conferences

ESTMJS Annual Conference 2023

Date: 22nd – 24th March 2023, Oxford

From Injections to replacement – A scopic view

ESTMJS Annual Conference 2022

Date: 28-29th April 2022, Groningen

From Injections to replacement – A scopic view

Annual Conference - 2019

Date: 10th – Saturday 11th May 2019, Marburg

Recurrent Condylar Dislocation

ESTMJS Annual Conference 2018

Date: 17th – 19th September 2018, Munich

Controversial cases and complications in the field of TMJ surgery and disorders

ESTMJS Annual Conference 2017

Date: 17-20 May 2017, Lille

Malformations and growing patients

ESTMJS Annual Meeting 2016

Date: 16-18th June 2016, Copenhagen

Topic: Unexpected Outcomes in TMJ Management

ESTMJS Annual Meeting 2015

Date: 1-3rd July 2015, Bonn, Germany

Topic: Chronic Inflammatory Disease vs. Osteoarthritis of the TMJ – Surgical Aspects

Quintessence International Symposium

Date: 6-7 February  2015, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Topic: Quintessence International Symposium on TMD & Facial Pain and Headache

Arthroscopic and Open Temporomandibular Joint Surgery

Date: 3 -5th November 2014, Vienna, Austria

Topic: Arthroscopic and Open Temporomandibular Joint Surgery – Basics and New Horizons: A Hands-on Human Cadaver Dissection Course organized by SORG

Condylar Resorption

Date: 2 – 3rd May 2014, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Topic: Condylar Resorption: Orthodontic and Surgical Management Perspectives. An open meeting presented by ASTMJS / ESTMJS / BATS